The Sock Journey Continues!

The Sock Journey Continues!

For whatever reason, knitting socks that were comfy for me have eluded me all these years.  Too long, too short, too loose, too tight, too bumpy on the soles of my feet (I am not a princess with much but with my feet I am!), I have experienced them all.  I cannot tell you how many single socks I have knit that don't have a partner or have been frogged.  

Through all the attempts I have learned what my needle size I prefer along with how many stitches seem to work.  Those have been big things for me. 

As far as heels go, I have tried a myriad of them, heel flap and gusset, fish lips kiss, the afterthought, and a couple more that I don't remember the names.  I have not been super happy with any of them due to fit or more often, holes that I can't seem to avoid no matter what I do until Now!!!

Shadow Wrap Heel

A friend told me about the Shadow Wrap heel that she learned from Denise of Earth Tones Girl.  I thought I would give it a try and I LOVE it!!!!  It fits beautifully, there are no holes and you can stop in the middle of it and when you come back, know exactly where you are in the process!!  Denise has an entire sock knitting series on YouTube which is where I went first. She takes you through the entire process of knitting a sock and several different heel options.  Afterwards watching about the Shadow Wrap Heel, I went to her website and bought her Soxploration Shadow Wrap Heel pattern.  Now I have a comfy sock with a fabulous heel AND a round toe!  Normally my toes were too long and kinda weird looking. 

Hand Knit Sock

To say the least, I am thrilled with this and have to share!  Here is her info.  Go check this out if you are interested in knitting socks!

EarthTones Girl Youtube Channel

Earth Tones Girl Sock Pattern

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