ATTENTION!!! Temporarily Silver Plated Clasps have been replaced with another High Quality version that is not silver plated.

October Monthly Marker

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The Original Fish

Many years ago when I was making glass fish and aquariums, this one was the first of my very special ones.  I have used it as an inspiration for wall art which are now available as poster prints or on canvas in various sizes. 

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Temporary Clasp Changes!

Because of Covid-19,  the silver plated clasps are unavailable.  Another high quality version is now being used until the supply returns.  Thanks so much for understanding.   

What customers are saying

Exceptional workmanship. Very cute stitch markers. Ordered a second set.

As usual this beautiful September sunflower did not disappoint. Such detail to work and great designs. Only wish I had discovered her so I could have some of her older markers. I need to have them all!!!!

I love to see what markers come out each and every month! They are so adorable and just make me happy!

Best gift for your creative friend!   My friends and I can’t get enough of these unique glass stitch markers! Don’t miss out on the fun!

I love Ann’s glass stitch markers. I consider them knitting jewelry. I also love the clasp that makes them a stitch marker or a progress keeper. I mostly use them as progress keepers. 

I absolutely love my stitch marker, it's beautifully crafted by an amazing artisan!

The best knitting eye-candy ever!    I absolutely love these stitch markers! This is my second set of “gnomes”. I love that they fit on so many needles, aren’t too heavy and are outright beautiful! I get lots of comments on them from knitters and non-knitters alike. Thanks for making such a quality product!!!

Great markets, I never have a snag

Ring Clasp Attachment

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Exciting Changes are Coming!

Exciting Changes are Coming!

As you may know, I have started drawing and designing lately.  This has really helped me navigate through these strange times. Now some of those designs and drawings are available on products! 
New Addition

New Addition

If you follow me on social media or are an email subscriber, you know I am starting to do some designing.  Even though I don't sew very much at all...
Colorwork Tension Knitting Tip

Colorwork Tension Knitting Tip

During my many, many years of knitting, I have come across some tips and tricks that I thought might be helpful to you.  This first tip is about the tension on a colorwork project.  This has helped me immensely and saved me hours of ripping back and reknitting.  I hope it enriches your knitting journey!

Glass Demonstrations