Each is a piece of glass art for you to use as you create your works of fiber art

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New Safety Glasses!

New Safety Glasses!

So off I go to the torch and start working.  I soon realized that I will have to pay close attention to what I am doing when I work with yellows, oranges and reds. 
My Modified Soldotna

My Modified Soldotna

I was not sure how I would feel about a crop but thought I could always lengthen the body (never been afraid of modifying as you will soon see) so I decided to grab some yarn from my stash to see what I could come up with.     
Advent Calendar Details!

Advent Calendar Details!

It is almost Here!  This year the 2nd Advent Calendar has 25 almost ALL NEW stitch markers with just a couple returning favorites which have been tweaked a bit.

Ring Clasp Attachment

What customers are saying

These stitch markers are the best gifts ever for knitters from beginners to experienced professionals!


Love my little pig butt progress keeper, my favorite stitch markers by far! 


Love your markers, like small art works to hang on my knitting.  Makes me happy every time I come back around to one.


I like to prioritize knitting spending on nice yarns and quality tools, and rarely project bags or fancy embellishments, but when I do, I like the beauty and sturdiness of accessories like your stitch markers! 


My latest Ann Tudor stitch markers are wonderful, as usual. These glossy little fish are my own little ocean of color to brighten my knitting. They have such personality! 


When I say your stitch markers make me happy and are one of my favorite things, they truly are.  Thank you for bringing some light and color into this world.  


My share of your glass is a small treasured amount in my sheep markers.  I have used them exclusively since I received them. 


I adore my sheepies and my heart necklace! 


I love my stitch markers. They are so beautiful! Every knitter should get a set (or more) of these. I believe that all makers deserve to use the loveliest tools in their making journeys.


Glass Demo