Creativity has been a constant in Ann Tudor's life and has allowed her to build upon her varied experiences with different media. Originally a glass artist, Ann's body of work evolves with her mastery of each new skill as she develops new artwork. Her whimsical designs are brought to life in a variety of forms. 

  • Glass Work

    She continues to create new lampwork glass stitch markers that help knitters & crocheters with their projects, that celebrate a love for animals and nature, which in turn has inspired her designs for printed accessories.

  • Design Work

    Ann has translated her love of color and design into new products such as printed accessories and themed home goods and textiles, such as a nursery for a new little one. Her original motifs and color palette enliven her designs with a sense of playfulness and fun.

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May Monthly Marker

It is all about Millefiori this May! This month is extra special because each marker will be a bit different and no two will be the same!

Yes Please!!!!

Working at the torch