Ann Tudor

Hello and Welcome!   My name is Ann Tudor and I am a lampwork glass artist and a knitter.   Making and creating has always been part of my life.  I have dabbled in cross stitch, crochet, scrapbooking, paper making, painting, sketching, polymer clay, and pottery to name a few. 

Jewelry making has been a major part of my creative journey.  Many years ago, I took a two hour glass bead making class at my local stain glass store.  The technique is called Lampworking or Torchworking.  Basically a rod of colored glass is melted in a torch and formed into different shapes.   I fell in love with the process and started melting glass whenever I could.  Eventually I started making beads for other jewelry designers, bought a bigger torch and moved into my home studio, otherwise known as the garage!

Ann Tudor LLC Glass

November 2012 I left my “day job” to become a full time jewelry artist, or so I thought!  On my first day of self employment, a friend took me to lunch to celebrate.  As we were talking, I told her about a project that I had in my head.  My idea was to make glass fish and put them inside a glass container and make a no maintenance aquarium.  She asked me to make one for her to put on her desk at her new job she was starting in two weeks.  After several tries, I figured it out and it started an entirely different path for me.  I started doing Art Shows and selling in local art galleries.   But shipping the pieces was a real challenge so my market was limited.

Sheep Stitch markers from Ann Tudor

As I was trying to get this new found art business going, I joined a business group that had many knit and crochet designers, indie yarn dyers and fiber people.  One of them asked if I could make a sheep stitch marker.  Since I am a knitter myself, it was very important to me that they be snag-free, light and functional as well as cute!  After many tries, I made my first stitch marker.  So again, after a suggestion from a friend, things started shifting very quickly.  Soon more and more people wanted them and eventually I quit doing everything else just to focus on stitch markers and progress keepers!   

Many of my designs have been requests and suggestions from customers.  I love seeing people using the markers and feel so blessed and honored to be able to have this business.

If you are interested in watching me melt some glass, check it out HERE