MerryMint Sweater Test Knit Progress

MerryMint Sweater Test Knit Progress

My test knit for a full colorwork sweater is coming along!  The designer, Natalie Sheldon of Remembrances Pottery has named the pattern MerryMint.  It is so much fun and will be available soon.

MerryMint Sweater Test Knit

The body is finished and now I am working on the sleeves.  The sleeves are different but the beauty of this pattern is that it can be make with matching sleeves or plain color or stripes, whatever you like!  

Seeing all the other test knitters color choices has been really fun!  You can make each section a different color combination if you like.  The choices are endless!  This is the perfect way to use those bits and bobs and scraps from other projects.

Stay tuned for the completed sweater which will happen in the next couple weeks!

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It’s beautiful!!

Sally Campbell

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