I did it!  I cut my knitting!

I did it! I cut my knitting!

As a knitter, probably one of the scariest things to think about is cutting your knitting and watching all your work unravel.  Well that is exactly what you do when you steek.  I have never cut my knitting until recently when I decided to change a pullover into a cardigan.  And I have to tell you, yes, it was scary but also so much fun!  

Here is the pullover I started with.  It is the Turtle Dove Sweater by Escape Tricot.  The pattern is great and it knit up quickly but it is just too oversized for me.  I ripped it out once and remade it so the armholes where smaller but it still was not something I would wear. 

In comes steeking!  So I decided instead of ripping it all out, I would make it into an oversized cardigan! 










 Turtle Dove Sweater

Here is a short video of the cutting of the steek.  I will have some resources for you in upcoming posts if you are interested in trying it out for yourself!

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How did you fix the cut edges (stitches) to be a cardigan


That wasn’t so hard, was it? :-) Love your yarn and the marled look – what did you use?


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