Finishing The Steek!

Finishing The Steek!

One of the great things about knitting is that there is always something new to learn and you can keep building and adding skills to your bag of tricks!  If you saw my previous post, (if not check it out here), it tells and shows my first steeking adventure!  If you are not aware of what steeking is, it is basically cutting your knitting, such as, taking a sweater knit in the round and making it into a cardigan.  That is exactly what I did.  Now that the sweater has been cut, the process of adding a button band or collar for finishing is happening!  

There is prep work done before cutting, which in this case, was a crochet row on either side of the cut.  Now I am in the process of picking up stitches from that crochet row and adding a 1x1 rib band on both sides.  


After the rib band, the cut stitches need to be covered since you may see these when it is worn, plus, if not, it looks unfinished to me.  I decided to pick up stitches on the other side of the crochet chain, knit a few rows in stockinette and attach it the inside of the sweater.  

There are many ways to finish it and I have no idea what  the preferred method is but this is just what I decided to do.

Soon I will be sharing some resources about steeking so you can give it a try!  If you have not steeked a project before, I wholeheartedly suggest you try it!  This technique is used alot in stranded colorwork, which is another technique I love!  

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