Full Colorwork Sweater!

Full Colorwork Sweater!

If you have been around for awhile, you probably know I LOVE standed colorwork knitting.  It is so mediative to me.  Changing the colors and watching the a pattern magically appear is so fulfilling!  Just.... one....... more...... row!!!!!!!

I am in the middle of doing something out of the ordinary for me.  I am doing a test knit for a very talented friend of mine.  You may be aware of Natalie Sheldon of Remembrances Pottery for her amazing mugs, buttons and ornaments but she also is a knitwear designer.  She creates amazing colorwork sock patterns.  Since I am not much of a sock knitter but I huge sweater knitter, I kept asking Natalie to make a colorwork sweater pattern using her sock motifs.  I am sure I am not the only one asking but she said she would do it as along as I test knit it for her.  Well that is a no brainer!  Of course I will!  Now, you need to know I am a huge go off pattern kinda gal and generally use a pattern as a suggestion.  This time though I am sticking directly to the pattern and playing by the rules!

The Merrymint Sweater is designed to use your extra bits and bobs of yarn left over from projects, mini skeins plus a bit more for the back ground.  It has been really fun picking color combinations as I go along.  

Here is how it is so far.

MerryMint Sweater
It is designed as a holiday sweater but I have chosen a bit of a different color palette, maybe gingerbread housey!
Stay tuned for more!


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I love this idea! What a fun looking knit too. Something new frequently enough to keep you motivated to finish!

Darlene Rogers

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