A Mini Skein Sweater has Begun

A Mini Skein Sweater has Begun

I seem to have an inordinate amount of mini skeins!  Are you like that too?  They are great if you are a sock knitter but I will never knit as many socks as I have mini skeins.  So I started a sweater using them!  

Knitted Sweater in progress

The pattern is Sea Glass Sweater from Wool & Pine.  It is constructed using 1x1 colorwork and DK weight yarn or fingering held double and alternating colors each row.  The effect is gorgeous but I am being lazy.  I am holding two strands double but knitting it stockinette.  




Mini Skeins of yarn

For the yarn, I have paired a light and a darker mini skein together and put each pair into a square snack size ziplock baggie.  I have divided the lighter tones from the more saturated ones and will make the sweater a sort of fade, at least that is the plan as of now.  We shall see how things progress.  




Knitting with working yarns in a plastic ziplock bag

Pro Tip!

When you put your knitting away, put both your working yarns back into the ziplock bag and close it up.  That way your skeins don't get all tangled up and makes things neat and tidy!

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