A Chat with ChileKnitz

A Chat with ChileKnitz

How did your personal fiber journey begin?

When I was pregnant with my first child, Emma. An aunt told me I should give knitting a try, it all snowballed from there!!  Soon after I was buying looms and crochet hooks and a year later I was learning how to knit, it took me some time to finally get the hang of it but I had a great time learning!!

Do you knit, crochet, spin, weave as well as dye yarn?

All of the above although my spinning is very basic and I rarely crochet anymore!!

Where do you get your inspiration?                                      Movies, my kids, cartoons, toys, dreams, books, you name it!

What kind of fiber or special techniques do you use?

In knitting I am obsessed with brioche, I love the look and feel of it and also its sooooo warm!

When I dye yarn I am always developing new ways to get the most out of my colorways, sometimes I find them by accident and sometimes I plan them ahead and hope they will work haha! I have been trying to add more tonal layers to my colors lately and I am loving the effect!!

What is your favorite colorway you have dyed so far?              Well... I have a few favorites but I like Flowering Desert quite a lot because it is a colorway you can wear with any other color and it will look good!

What fiber projects are you working on this moment?

I am about to cast off the second sleeve of my Holly sweater (yay!) and I am knitting on some socks for the hubby.

Do you have any special events going on in the upcoming months?

I just found out will be vending at Barcelona Knits!

Where can people find out all about your?

On my instagram @chileknitz, my YouTube podcast and my online shop!

Bonus Question! Do you pick the pattern or the yarn first?

OOOhhh difficult one because I tend to do both but I would venture to say the yarn, since I mostly buy it when I am traveling and I don't always have something in mind then!! 

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