The Marking Stitches Blog

The Marking Stitches Blog

Hello and thank you so taking the time to take a look at my blog, Marking Stitches.   You may be aware that Marking Stitches is a FB group that I have as well so I thought it was only fitting to name the blog the same! 

If you are interested in joining me and lots of wonderful knitters and crocheters in the Facebook group, come on over!  The more the merrier.  Marking Stitches FB Group

This will be the place that I will share some fun things going on, patterns that I find along the way, yarn that is on the "want to be aquired' list or possibly "aquired", as well as sharing some other goods that I run across!

So to start this off, let me introduce to you,  Hypnotic Fibers, in case you are not familiar with it yet.  I recently acquired these beauties!

The colorway is Rose Petal Tea and is on her 80/20 Treat Your Feet base along with two tonals that match!  I think these might need to be socks for a pretty shawl, or a hat or mittens, or ?????  Who knows but whatever is ends up being, it is going to be squishy and lovely!

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