Sock Knitting - A Love/Hate Relationship

Sock Knitting - A Love/Hate Relationship

Sock Knitting had always been one of those projects that I shied away from because I was not confident that knitting that little thing would be something I enjoyed but I decided to give it a try several years ago.  I thought it would be a perfect thing to have in my purse and always have some knitting with me!  

There are so many patterns with cables, lace and colorwork, let alone all of the wonderfulness of a plain vanilla sock with self striping yarn!  Seriously, how much better can that be than just knitting a tube and viola!  stripes! 

There are a multitude of heel options!  Traditional heel flap and gusset, short row heel, fish lips kiss heel and the after thought heel, just to name a few!  There are also almost as many toe versions!  Also do you knit toe up or cuff down, one or two at a time!  You can use double points, magic loop or itty bitty 9 inch circular needles, the choice is yours! 

That is enough to make your head spin! 

Over the years, I have made several socks using different heels, toes and techniques.  They are fabulously fun and fast to knit and I love being able to use all my beautiful fingering weight yarn from my stash.  I have found my heel, toe, my preferred needles and method.   There is just on big problem . . . . . . . . . . .  . I hate how they feel on the bottom of my feet. 

I thought I was the only one but after posting about this on Instagram, I have found  there are many of us tender footed people out there!  I have heard about doing a “princess sole” which is reverse stockinette but I am a huge fan of doing all that purling.  I have worn my socks wrong side out and that helps but I still can’t wear them for long.  So I am off to try and figure this out.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!  Myself and many other delicate feet people would love to know!

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Not a fan of purling more than a couple of stitches…learned to knit backwards.


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