How to Remove Tarnish

How to Remove Tarnish

Have you ever looked for one of your favorite ring clasp stitch markers and when you found it, the clasp looks dark or discolored? 

Well not to worry!  That is because the silver plating has started to oxidize and tarnish.  Just like jewelry or flatwear, if a silver item is not used or worn consistently, tarnishing happens.  There is nothing wrong with it, it just needs to be cleaned off.   One of the reasons I use silver plated clasps is because it makes them a better option for people who wish to use them as earrings. 

The following video will show you how to clean your stitch markers up quickly and safely, with no toxic chemicals or things you have to purchase.  I am pretty sure, you have all you need in your kitchen right now. 

NOTE;  The rings clasps are the only attachments that are silver plated and during 2020 I was unable to acquire silver plated clasps.   



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