Patterns are just suggestions, right?

Patterns are just suggestions, right?

Do you follow knitting patterns exactly?  Following directions are not my forte and I tend to go rouge often.  I have the utmost respect for pattern writers because it is HARD to write a clear, well written pattern for any fiber craft.  So I appreciate the guidelines that those talented people lay out for me but I have to change things up often. 

Joji Locatelli La Praire Sweater

So this is the story of my La Prairie sweater by Joji Locatelli.  The sweater is a beautiful fade cardigan with small meandering cables and baubles, lots of baubles. I fell in love with it when I saw it and immediately when to my stash and pulled out 5 skeins of fingering weight yarn, gathered the correct size needles along with a cable needle and cast on!   It was slow going but I was able to memorize the pattern and off I went starting with the back. I had made alot of progress. I had put it up because I was not able to focus enough to knit until today. As I looked over the instructions again, I had failed to read the directions thoroughly and did not realize how the construction of the cardigan worked.  I had knit 14 inches when I should only have knit 7.5 inches.  UGH!

So I frogged it all.

I still don't have the capacity currently to do this gorgeous sweater as it is written but the construction of it intrigues me so I decided to do my own thing with it. 

Knitting a sweater

I had purchased a sweater's quantity of Rowan Denim Revive that I wanted to make a cardigan with so I pulled that out, grab bigger needles and set off to restart La Prairie.  Since I was using DK weight instead of fingering, I increased my needle size from 4 to 6 and went down two sizes.  Since I am now using a cotton yarn, I was not going to attempt baubles and I just want an easy knit so no cabling. I will just do some easy ribbing sections.  I am hoping for a comfy, easy wearing, every day cardigan.

Time will tell if this works out and if it doesn't, it is just yarn that will get turned into something else!

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