New Addition

New Addition

If you follow me on social media or are an email subscriber, you know I am starting to do some designing.  Even though I don't sew very much at all, I have always loved fabric.  My mother was a very talented seamstress and I remember going to fabric stores with her and the colors and patterns were very intriguing to me.  Just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I signed up to take an 8 weeks class to learn Adobe Illustrator and how to make a pattern collection with the goal of getting my designs licensed.  While everything has been shut down and sales have slowed, I have been learning and drawing.  I have always been a doodler and a few years away played around with sketching faces but the vast majority of my creative juice has been in making 3-D items, like jewelry and glass items.  Creating in flat 2 dimensional things is so much different and challenging.   

This journey is just beginning so you will be seeing new additions in the shop along with some changes in how the website looks.  One goal is to be able to offer coordinated fabric for project bags!  Stay tuned for that.

Here are a couple of the patterns that I have created.

Wild RosesWavy Plaid

Inspiration for a much different design came from a polymer clay sculpture I did many years ago.  It was broken and I used the incorrect material for what I was doing but I still kept it.  I took the idea and converted it into a drawing which now is available as the first available product with one of my designs as a sticker or on a mug.

Together Mug

Stay tuned for more to come!  Maybe there will be fabric with matching stitch markers some day!!!

If you are interested in a Together sticker or mug, you can find them below!

Together Sticker

Together Mug 

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I love all of your work! Your patterning you are doing now is beautiful! I love all of your stitch markers! Each have a special meaning! I love the ocean right now!

Jennifer warren

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