August Lilies

Mothers and August Lilies

August Lily



The August Lily, as I have always called them, connects with so many people.  There are a yearly part of your yard and have been for as long as I can remember.

They magically bloom every August. So it was only fitting that the monthly marker for August be this beautiful Flower.


I have received two very special emails about the August Lily, or Naked Lady or Resurrection Lily, as they are also called.  They both touched my heart and I wanted to share. 

August 2021 Monthly Marker

"The "Naked Lady" stitch markers I got from you are just lovely. I was immediately hooked because I have a Naked Lady plant in my yard that was given to me by my late mother. I wear 2 of the 3 markers I ordered as earrings and they so remind me of Mom. Her gift plant is blooming now - no leaves, just beautiful pink blossoms because that it what it does in the fall. I love that my 6 year old granddaughter, the gr. granddaughter that she never lived to meet, gets a giggle from saying "Naked Lady." :) Thanks for sharing your creativity and skill with the rest of us. - Sue

"My mother (God rest her soul!) had received a handful of 'mystery bulbs' from the lady next-door.  She put them in a small garden patch next to the patio and forgot about them.  The following spring a bunch of palms started coming up in the garden.  She showed them to me and wondered what we would see in a few weeks.  The answer is - nothing!  The palms withered and dried up in a few weeks and that was that - until August.  My mother pointed out some strange stubs coming up.  The next thing they looked like green stems - very straight, too!  I was astonished as they grew at least an inch a day and then, the beautiful lilies appeared!  We called them Resurrection Lilies because the palms seemed to die and then a few months later we saw beautiful lilies!  I enjoyed them every year until I finally moved away after my mother passed away.  So I have sweet memories of those lilies, too!  My aunt doesn't live too far from me.  She bought an old house with lots of surrounding gardens - and guess what?  More Resurrection Lilies!!!!  I love it!"  -Linda 

These stories just make me so very happy.  I am so honored that something I made can help memories stay alive and be shared with others.


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