MerryMint Sweater Progress & Pattern Release

MerryMint Sweater Progress & Pattern Release

My MerryMint Sweater test knit is coming along!   

Only one sleeve left to do! It will be a different pattern which makes it really fun.  The pattern is now available in Natalie Sheldon's Ravelry Store and in her Online Shop. 

This pattern is so versatile!  If you don't want to do all the colorwork, no problem! Knit the body with colorwork and then have plain sleeves, or striped sleeves.  Another option would be to do colorwork in the the yoke section, knit the body plain with a possible pattern before the ribbing with plain sleeves.  Whatever you want!

 This was designed to use scraps and left over yarn from various projects. So you can go stash diving to play and have fun putting colors together.  No worries if you want a specific plan, the pattern has a color key.  I did not strictly adhere to it but I used it as a guideline.  Also the number of colors you choose will change the look up immensely as well.  Use 12 colors, 8 colors or may even 3 or 4!  

One more fabulous thing about this sweater is that it is inclusive to size and gender.  She has a wide range of sizes and options for different body types.

It really is a fabulous pattern and I hope you check it out.  If you make one, please tag me and Natalie (remembrancespottery) on social media, I would love to see your version. 

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