Learning Brioche!

Learning Brioche!

I have been a knitter for over 25 years now and have tried several things but Brioche knitting was something that just did not interest me too much.  I think because many of the finished projects that came across my social networks were in color palettes that just did not appeal to me.  I also am not excited about knitting a 1x1 rib, which is what brioche looks like.  Also I have heard it is very difficult.  But I decided to give it a try and I think I am hooked!  

My first attempt was One Color Worked Flat.  After watching several youtube videos, I soon got into the rhythm and thought that maybe from now on, this is how I will be doing all 1x1 ribbing!  Not sure if that will happen but I thoroughly enjoyed it.    

Now on to Two Color Brioche in the Round!   That is a much different experience!  Again after watching several videos, I felt like I had it, or at least the beginning of it.  I tinked back countless times and ripped every out and started over three times but finally was able to complete a simple two color brioche cowl in the round!    

I think all the tinking back and restarting helped me understand how this stitch works.  I am now ready to make a couple more cowls then tackle a pattern where the columns of stitches make designs.  But for now, just cowls!  

Lastly, I thought I would share a video of how I knit brioche continental style.


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There are many videos on YouTube..watch a few different ones.the best one I found was a lady knitting with purple and added turquoise as her second colour..keep the yarn for the second colour in front of you.and the first colour in back of the work..pay close attention to that and you will be fine..expect quite a few restarts.😂


I would like to learn bricho knit thank you

Irene moreno

The continental brioche knitting video fir beginners is not working. Do you have a YouTube link or another way to view it?


Do you have an English knit version? I am really struggling with the end and beginning of rounds with regards to changing colours.


I want to learn Bricho knit How-to knit this Please

Sudarshana Batra

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