Knitting Tip -- Keeping track of Stitches

Knitting Tip -- Keeping track of Stitches

How many times do you count stitches to see how many more you need to increase or decrease?  Is it easy for you to remember when to add stitches or when just to knit them?  I made a quick video showing how I solve both of those issues.  

I hope you find the tips helpful.  If you do, please share this with your friends!

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Thank you so much for the tip on counting and increasing. This is something that I usually do, however, it would be nice to find a way to keep track of the stitches and increases when you’re doing it on both the right and left sides of the item. I do appreciate the hint about the front and reverse side of a stitch marker. I do have some of yours and will have to make sure to use them when I come across patterns were your only increasing on one side. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing more hints and tricks.


Thank you for sharing ! Very useful…..


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