Knitting Myths Unraveled

Knitting Myths Unraveled

Over the years I have heard so many reasons why people think they can't knit.  Let's talk about some of them.

“Knitting is too complicated”

The knit and purl stitch are the two stitches in knitting and there are a myriad of patterns using just those two stitches in different sequences. More complicated patterns can be made by manipulating the stitches but that is truly optional.

“I don’t have enough time”

Knitting has been proven to have many therapeutic benefits, such as stress relief. You can grab your projects and knit for just a few minutes and relax.

“It’s too old fashioned”

There are many talented designers creating patterns that are fashion forward. The trend for eco-friendly and sustainable is here to stay and knitting is a perfect fit.

“I’m not creative”

The wonderful thing is that you get to choose a pattern and add your color palette and make any changes in that pattern to make it your own. Or you can use the designer’s suggestions. (Personal note - I feel EVERYONE is creative)

“It’s too expensive”

You can knit on any budget. A skein of yarn can cost as little as a few dollars or you can purchase high end yarn that is $40 a skein and up. The choice is yours! Just because the yarn may be expensive, does not mean that it is right for your project. Sometimes the lower priced yarn is best.

“I don’t have anyone to knit for”

Knit for yourself and customize your wardrobe with items made in your colors and adjusted to fit you perfectly. Or, you can just knit items that are for community and charity organizations, such as chemo caps and baby blankets.

“I tried once and couldn’t do it”

Knitting is a skill and being good at any skill takes practice. Everyone who knows how to knit started feeling clumsy and a bit frustrated at times. But with practice, it is something that can bring great joy and create wonderful hand crafted items.

“I can’t do it at my age”

There is no age limit on learning and for seniors, science has found that knitting increases cognitive skills, improves hand eye coordination and keeps the mind sharp. I think those are pretty good reasons to knit as we get older.

“I’m left handed and it’s too complicated”

There are two common ways to knit. The lesser common way is very easy for left handed people. The yarn is held in the left hand, instead of the right and most of the movement is done with the left hand.

“I can’t commit to learning right now”

Knitting is best learned in small bits of time. For instance, learn the knit stitch first. Once you get that down, move on to the purl stitch. This is not something you will sit down and learn in one sitting. It is a skill that takes time so why not start now?

Now that those concerns have been addressed, are you ready to learn?

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