Knitting Experiment Conclusion

Knitting Experiment Conclusion

As you may have read in previous posts, I have conducted a colorwork knitting experiment.  The experiment has now concluded.  And here are the results.

colorwork knitting

Colorwork knitting worked fine with mixing cotton and wool yarn ....... BUT, for me personally, I did not like the way the all cotton body was knitting up.  It may be that I just am not a cotton fiber fan or else it was just that the transition was too defined for my taste.  

Anyway, I frogged the sweater and will use the cotton yarn for a sweater that I had originally purchased it for. It is a heavily cabled loose fitting sweater that I have seen knit up and liked the fabric.  

I personally don't mind ripping it all out.  I don't feel like a failure and not even a little bit sad because I like the process of doing the knitting.  The beauty of knitting and crochet is that we can take it all apart if we don't like it and start something else with it!  How fabulous is that!

It is my hope that you take chances on your projects and try new things.  Remember it is only yarn and there are no Knitting Police!  

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Bravo, Ann! love your positive attitude! Any yarn goddess can tell you this happens to all of us occasionally and is merely an exercise to be filed away under experience. I’m not sure who said it, but "It takes balls to knit.’’
Hope you had an enjoyable vacation. We missed you.

Becky Lemon

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