Keep Track in a Pattern

Keep Track in a Pattern

Are you like me and have several projects going on at the same time? There are times where things languish for weeks, sometimes months.  No judgement!  Different projects require different attention levels and mental space to work on them along with the environment you are in at that moment.  So here is a little tip that has come in handy while working on flat pieces to remember which side is Right and which is the Wrong side.   This example had a straight edge (right side)  and one edge where increases are made (wrong side) with an Icord edge.  

Place a stitch marker a couple stitches in from the straight edge which will not be increased.  This in indicated the Right Side of your work. 


When you turn your work, you will see the other (plain) side of the marker, indicating the Wrong Side of your work.

Now I know just by looking at it that this is the wrong side.  For this particular pattern, increases are made on the wrong side, so I can pick this up at any time and know exactly where I am as far as whether to increase or not. 

This little tidbit especially works well with garter stitch projects where the right and wrong sides are not obvious.

Please share any tips you have for using markers in the comments!  I would love to be spread your knowledge!!!



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