Full Circle

Full Circle

In 2004 I started my first jewelry business called Maudies Handcrafted Jewelry.  For 8 years I created a range of jewelry styles.  Some were made from tiny seed beads, semi precious gemstones, sterling silver, copper, found objects and lampwork glass beads.


 Around 2007 I started making my own glass beads for my designs and also sold them to other jewelry designers.

In November 2012 I took this creative endeavor full time and morphed into making glass sculptural pieces and changed the business name to Ann Tudor LLC.

This last iteration brings us here and came about in late 2015 when I started making stitch markers because of a request for them from a friend.  

This January I made a switch to a Silver Plated Round Lever back attachment as the main attachment for all the stitch markersOne of the reasons for the change is the versatility.    It will work as a stitch marker as well as a progress keeper and as an added bonus is that it can also be used as an earring!   With that one decision, I am back to the starting point of my creative business!

There is a few common threads in my journey.  One is that my mother and mother in law have been so very much a part of this.  Growing up, my mom was always making things and she taught me so much about the value of handmade items.  My mother in law taught me how to knit.  I don't think I would be doing what I am today if it weren't for both of them.  



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