Exploring Big Box Store Yarns: A Guide for Knitters

Exploring Big Box Store Yarns: A Guide for Knitters

Big Box Stores gets a bad rap sometimes from seasoned knitters but they offer great options, especially for new knitters as well as those who have been doing this for awhile. I personally love a local yarn store but the craft stores have their place too. Let’s explore what they're good for and what they're not, so you can make informed choices.

Understanding the Yarns

Big Box Stores typically carry yarns are often readily available and affordable, making them a convenient choice for many knitters. However, not all yarns are created equal, and understanding their characteristics can enhance your knitting experience.

Yarn Fiber Content

One crucial aspect to consider is the fiber content of the yarn. Big Box Stores offer yarns in various materials, mainly acrylic, cotton, with some wool & wool blends. Each fiber has its own set of properties, affecting the drape, warmth, and care requirements of the finished project.

  • Acrylic Yarns: Budget-friendly and easy to care for, acrylic yarns are great for projects that need durability and vibrant colors. However, they may lack the breathability of natural fibers.
  • Cotton Yarns: Ideal for warmer climates, cotton yarns provide a soft and breathable option. Keep in mind that cotton tends to lack elasticity, so it's better suited for certain types of projects. It is also more difficult to knit with.
  • Wool Blends: Combining the warmth of wool with other fibers, wool blends are versatile and suitable for a variety of projects. They offer the best of both worlds, providing warmth without the potential for itchiness.
  • Wool: Sturdy but may tend to be scratchy so if it will be worn against the skin, do a comfort test by putting it against your neck to check the feel.

Project Considerations

The type of project you're working on can also influence your choice of yarn. Here are some considerations:

  • Blankets and Afghans: For cozy blankets, acrylic yarns are a popular choice due to their affordability and easy care.
  • Garments: If you're knitting garments, consider the climate and choose yarn accordingly. Wool blends or cotton can be excellent choices depending on the season.
  • Accessories: When knitting accessories like scarves and hats, you might want to explore a variety of textures and colors offered by different yarns.

What Big Box Store Yarns Are Good For

  • Budget-Friendly Projects: Big Box Store yarns are often wallet-friendly, making them perfect for large projects like blankets or throws.
  • Experimenting with Colors and Textures: With a wide selection available, these yarns provide an opportunity to experiment with colors and textures without breaking the bank.
  • Quick and Easy Gifts: Need to whip up a last-minute gift? Acrylic yarns are great for quick projects that still look impressive.

What Big Box Store Yarns Are Not Ideal For


  • Luxurious Items: If you're looking to create a high-end, luxurious item, you might want to invest in premium yarns with natural fibers for a more refined finish.
  • Fingerweight Projects: many shawls are made with finger weight yarn which is typically not carried and if it is, the choices are very limited.
  • Specialized Projects: Some intricate lacework, color work or detailed cable patterns may benefit from yarns with better stitch definition, which might not be found in all Big Box Store options.
  • Sensitive Skin: While acrylic yarns are great for durability, they may not be the best choice for those with sensitive skin. Consider natural fibers for projects that will be in direct contact with the skin.

Big Box Store yarns offer a wide array of options for knitters, catering to different tastes and preferences. By understanding the characteristics of various yarns and considering the needs of your project, you can make informed choices that result in beautiful and satisfying creations.

Remember, knitting is not just about the finished product; it's also about the joy of the process and the creativity you bring to each stitch. Happy knitting! 🧶✨

[Download the PDF version of this guide here.]

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