Fun little works of art marking your stitches!

Easy Knitting Project

Do you have random skeins of yarn that you love but not sure what to do with them?  Is stash enhancement one of your Super Powers?    Do you like easy mindless projects that are great for on the go knitting?   If you are, check out The Arabella Shawl pattern from Skeino on Ravelry.  

It is a free pattern and I have made several of these with some modifications,   The modifications include, using a single color and not doing all the repeats as well as adding a lace section.  TIP- place a stitch marker 10 stitches after each wrap and turn and that will make it super easy to know when you will do your next wrap and turn!
 I am not associated in anyway with Skeino or this pattern but thought you might enjoy it.  Just search Arabella Shawl on Ravelry.

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