Could Knitting Be Your Creative Outlet?

Could Knitting Be Your Creative Outlet?

Answer these fun questions to find out if you're a natural knitter.


  • What's your ideal way to unwind after a long day?
    • a) Watching TV
    • b) Reading a book
    • c) Getting creative with my hands
  • How do you feel about DIY projects?
    • a) Not my thing
    • b) I enjoy some DIY
    • c) I love getting crafty
  • What's your preferred winter accessory?
    • a) Store-bought scarf
    • b) Handmade scarf (someone else made)
    • c) Handmade scarf (I made it!)
  • What kind of gifts do you like to give?
    • a) Store-bought
    • b) Thoughtful, but store-bought
    • c) Handmade with love
  • How patient are you when learning something new?
    • a) I prefer instant gratification
    • b) I can be patient if I'm interested
    • c) I'm willing to practice and learn


  • Mostly A's: "You're content with your current hobbies, but have you considered the therapeutic benefits of knitting?"
  • Mostly B's: "You have some creative tendencies. Knitting might be the next crafty adventure for you!"
  • Mostly C's: "You're a natural knitter! Dive into the world of yarn and needles and watch your creativity flourish.”

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