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A Chat with Mon Sheep Shop

I can't wait to share another vendor that will be participating in the Not Rhinebeck Virtual Festival!   May I present, Mon Sheep Shop!

How did your personal fiber journey begin?

My name is Cindy, I am an indie yarn dyer. I live in the beautiful Loire valley in France with my husband, our three year old son and our three puppies.

I guess my fiber journey began as a little girl when visiting my grandma.  I usually grabbed one of her Bergère de France magazines and started playing with the little color samples on the side of the pages, spending hours mix and matching them.

Much later when I got my first job I found myself alone in a big city and wasn't really comfortable making aquaintances, for I am quite the introvert kind of girl. I then taught myself how to knit and never stopped ever since.

I worked ten plus years as an interior designer but the lack of recognitions and authenticity in that field was hurting me so much that I decided to leave my job and create my own business. That's how Mon Sheep Shop was born. First I was a retailer but soon I realized it didn't quite fit my expectations, mostly regarding connecting with clients and fellow knitters.

In 2015 I lost my father. His death was premature and very unexpected. This experience made me take a step back and reflect on what I wanted both my personnal and my business life to be.  Pain and grief kept rushing into my heart and soul.    At first, I didn't know how to deal with all this especially since my son was only one and needed me on a constant basis.

Dealing with the pain was difficult and I really needed to find a way to transform it. That's how I started dyeing really. I transformed my emotions and memories into colors and poured them onto bare yarn thus giving life to something new beautiful yet meaningful.

At that point, something clicked in me, my heart, my soul and my job were aligned that's when I fully embraced this path, my business shifted and I became a full time dyer.

Do you knit, crochet, spin, weave as well as dye yarn?

I had a few knitting episodes in my youth but nothing that serious I really started in 2014 when I got my first job.
I do crochet from time to time, mostly to make amigurumies for my son.
I learned to spin a few years back and it is for me the best meditation practice ever !
No weaving (for now) just trying not to fall in this other fiber related rabbit hole;-)

Where do you get your inspiration?

My creative process is quite intuitive I would say. I dig deep into my memories and my emotions mostly but I also like to have a lighter approach and play around movies, series, songs...

What kind of fiber or special techniques do you use?

I don't think I have a specific fiber I prefer to another. Each one has it's specificity it's own charm in a way that's so unique that you can't have a preference you got to love them all !

What is your favorite colorway you have dyed so far?

That's a tough one but I would say « Slumber » because it has a recipe like all my color ways but there is an intuitive part in the achievement of this color I cannot control. And I feel that's when the magic trully happens when you let go and allow the not entirely expected to happen and embrace it.

What fiber projects are you working on this moment?

Oh oh I always have several projects on the go ! I have a crochet frog (pattern by pica pau) for the daughter of a friend, several pairs of socks (but socks do not count right?) and a sweater for me.

Do you have any special events going on in the upcoming months?

I am planning a few events I'll be part of in the upcoming months, mostly in France though. So as to avoid any confusion I won't say anything yet, for I'm still waiting confirmation for two of them.

Where can people find out more about you?

Places where you can find me :

web site :  

Instagram : @monsheepshop

Ravelry : Mon SheepShop

Facebook group : MonSheepShop 

You Tube channel: Cindy Mon Sheep Shop

Bonus Question! Do you pick the pattern or the yarn first?

99%of the time I pick the yarn first and then spend hours activly digging up on ravelry ;-)

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  • I enjoy your interviews. Always nice to get to know new people and their passions. Thanks

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