Frog Stitch Marker Progress keeper

The Evolution of a Marker

Thought I would give you a look into my process of creating a new glass stitch marker.  

Once I decide on a marker, the image search begins.  Lots of photographs, pictures, drawings and clipart are looked at to get a range of ideas as to the overall shapes and distinguishing features.  After getting a general feel for what I am looking for, a very rough sketch is made and the colored rods are chosen.  

I need to visualize the finished design in my head.  Sometimes the initial design comes together in the first try, or at least something that just needs some tweaking.  Other times, it is a much longer process and the design may be put aside for weeks before another try is attempted.  

Here is the design evolution of a frog.

Frog Stitch Marker

I have attempted this on various occasions but yesterday I decided I needed to get it done.  The first frog of the day (the one with the red eyes) is quite a bit different from the last.  It still needs some tweaking but it is really close!  They will be part of the Summer Collection!

 UPDATE!!!! Frogs Available Now HERE

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Very cute. I think you’ve caught the spirit and the detail


I NEED these! ❤️🐸❤️🐸❤️ I’m in love!


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