New Safety Glasses!

To work at the torch, safety glasses are necessary for eye protection from sodium flare that occurs when the glass is in the flame.  I have a pair that I have work for the past 10+ years and decided to get a new pair that were lighter and more comfy.  
Safety glasses
The oldest pair are in the back and the new pair in front.  As you can see, they both have a purple tint to them.  These lenses make everything look lighter and brighter to me. When I first put the new pair on, everything looked much brighter and they took some of the yellow out of things.  
So off I go to the torch and start working.  I soon realized that I will have to pay close attention to what I am doing when I work with yellows, oranges and reds.  Here is a picture of what the colors looks like through the lenses.
Looking through lampwork safety glasses
As you can see, the yellow looks orange, the orange looks red and there is not much difference between an orange and the red rod of glass.    I guess this will just keep me on my toes and who knows what mistakes and new color combinations I will come up with!

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