Mermaids For All!

Mermaids For All!

Finally . . . . . .Mermaids will be coming to the shop soon!  They have been on the "To Make" list for a long time but I just couldn't quite figure out how to make them as stitch markers.  In 2015 this is what they looked like.

Mermaid Aquarium

Now in 2019, the first iteration is a much smaller version.

Mermaid Stitch Marker

There will also be many different skin tone and hair color options.  These are just a few.  I am waiting on a glass order so I can have more variety.

Mermaids of all colors

Stay tuned for more!  They are scheduled to be released with the Summer Collection that will be released mid June!


Design your very own custom mermaid!  Everyone needs a  mermaid that resembles them so after quite a bit of testing, there are 5 skin tones, 5 hair colors and 4 eye colors to choose from.  So many variations!

Get My Mermaid Here


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