How to Display your Stitch Markers

How to Display your Stitch Markers

If you’re anything like me, you have a lovely collection of stitch markers (and yarn. And patterns. And… well, let’s not start getting into too much detail. It’s stash!). And you can only use so many stitch markers on a knitting project at once.

So what do you do with your markers the rest of the time? Leave them in a drawer? That’s no fun!

Today, I’m going to show you a great idea for displaying your stitch markers that turns them into miniature works of art. This is an idea sent to me by a few of my customers, and thanks so much to them for sharing!

All you need is a small bulletin board and some pushpins. Let me show you what to do.

The Bulletin Board

When I was in school, a bulletin board was a gigantic, industrial-looking thing. No more! I’ve been seeing lots of really adorable, small boards in shops, and these are perfect for what we’re doing! In fact, you can use the idea I’m about to share for displaying your jewelry, too.

You can find a small bulletin board by using search terms like “framed bulletin board”, “cork tile”, “pinboard” or “modern bulletin board”. Of course, you can visit an office supply store, organizational store or home décor shop and look in person, too!

You’ll find lots of options. Modular cork tiles, ones with lovely frames, boards with fabric surfaces and even ones in interesting shapes… check out this one from Pottery BarnHexagon Bulletin Board a hexagon! 

Here are a few more lovely boards:

Thumbtacks or Pins

To display your stitch markers, you’ll need a collection of thumbtacks or pins. Be sure that they have a top on them so that your marker doesn’t slide off.  This is a great chance to splurge on some pretty ones or something very Sheepy like this Fred Stuck On Ewe

Fred Stuck on Ewe

This part is easy… mount your board, stick in the pins and hang up your lovely collection.

Another Option

If you have collected my markers for awhile, you have the cards that they were packaged on or one of my business cards.  One wonderful collector puts all of her markers on the cards and attaches them to the bulletin board!

Stitch Marker Display

So much better than keeping these beauties hidden in a project bag, right?

When you’re finished, can you send me a photo? I would love to see your stitch markers!

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