Displaying Your Advent Stitch Markers

Displaying Your Advent Stitch Markers

Have you ever thought of using your holiday stitch markers as part of your Christmas decorating, that is of course if they are not being used on a project?   Here are a few ways to use your Advent Calendar or Holiday stitch markers in a different way!

One idea is to attach them to a hand knit Christmas stocking that adorns your mantle!  (This one is store bought but I will remedy that situation for next year!)   The fun thing with this is that you can store your advent calendar box inside the stocking as you open the envelopes each day!

Displaying Holiday Stitch Markers

Another really great idea that came from a favorite customer is to use a small glass Christmas tree she found at a big box home store.  They are also available online HERE.  I think this is a beautiful addition to any holiday home!

Displaying stitch Markers

A third option is super simple as well. This wooden cut-out in the shape of an ornament is perfect for displaying the markers for a wall or hanging from the door knobs of your yarn cabinet in the craft room!  The markers are attached by using thumb tacks, finishing nails or the tiny command hooks.  The beauty of this is that when Christmas is over, you can use this to display your other stitch markers and store them as well!   You can find these and other shapes at your local craft store.

Please feel free to share any other ideas you have by tagging me on Instagram @anntudorllc or by posting a pic on the Ann Tudor Stitch Marker FB Page!

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