Before and After!  Thin Lapels Made the Difference!

Before and After! Thin Lapels Made the Difference!

Wow!  It is amazing to me what a huge difference changing my sweaters from a Shawl collar (which I love the look, just not on me) to a thin lapel made!  Check out this Before and After of my Georgetown Sweater!  The only difference is in the sweater itself is the collar and the addition of small pockets.  The only difference in me is a haircut - lol.   

With the success of that change, I decided to do the same with the Comfort Fade Cardi and got the same result - sorry no pic!

These patterns are well written and gorgeous as is but learning to make small adjustments so they fit your body is a powerful thing!  I encourage everyone to make the necessary changes so you can enjoy your knits and feel great wearing them.  Those changes can be as simple as adding or removing rows to get your best sleeve or body length.  Afraid the sleeves are too tight or too loose? Just increase a couple stitches to add come ease into sleeves or decreasing to make them more fitted.  Everything is adjustable!  That is the beauty of knitting or crocheting your own garments!  I would love to hear how you have adjusted your patterns to make them fit you better!  Just comment below!

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