Advent Calendar Details!

Advent Calendar Details!

It is almost Here!  This year the 2nd Advent Calendar has 25 almost ALL NEW stitch markers with just a couple returning favorites which have been tweaked a bit.  Just a few of these new designs will be available as single markers but with differences, such as color combinations.  


There will also be a smaller version - The Twelve Days of Christmas.  This will contain 12 of the new stitch markers from the full Advent Calendar.   It is a half version and is NOT themed like the Twelve Days of Christmas song.  So if both versions are purchased, there will be 12 duplicates.


All markers in both sets will have the new silver plated lever back clasps which work for knitters and crocheters.  They will be Christmas holiday themed in their designs and color schemes and come individually wrapped and numbered with a special one to be opened on Christmas Day.  


The quantities of both will be limited and when they are gone, they are gone.  They will be available to email subscribers FIRST via an email link which will arrive in their inbox on July 25th.  This exclusive link will be open for 24 hours. Last year, these sold out in less than 24 hours, so if you are interested, please be advised and make sure you are signed up!


The Full Advent will be $125 and The Twelve Days will be $60 (shipping is additional)

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Are any of the 2019 advent calendar groupings still available?

Monica Mitter

Did not get your email 😢😢
I checked all boxes.

Elisabeth Lewis

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