Patreon Membership

I have been looking for a way to start a community with those of you that are wanting to know me better, get some really behind the scenes things and where I can share some goodies with 'my peeps' but do it in a way that makes sense for me as an artist and small business owner.  That is why I have started a Patreon membership program.    

Ann Tudor Patreon

For those of you not aware of Patreon, it is an online platform where people become Patrons of their favorite artists and creators by paying a small monthly fee in return for early access, behind the scenes videos, exclusive merchandise, community, etc.  It allows the artists to get paid while creating and expands their skills and work.  I have thought about this for several years now and decided now is the time!  

My Patreon membership will include both glass items and surface design.  I will have really behind the scene videos, digital downloads, chat, product discounts, even monthly surprise gifts mailed to your home.  There are different levels available.  I really want to create a place where those of you that want to really connect can come get to know me and my process and meet others plus just have some fun!

Click HERE to find out all about it!