Each is a piece of glass art for you to use as you create your works of fiber art


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Mermaids have been a long time on the wish list and they are finally here!  Everyone deserves a mermaid that resembles them so these mermaids can be customized with 5 skins tones, 5 hair colors and 4 eye colors.   Please make sure you have chosen all three options!  

Just like your fiber projects, each marker is a piece of art! 

They are hand crafted in a torch with lampwork glass are signed with my signature stamp.  The attachment is a round silver plated lever back making it versatile as a progress keeper or as a ring marker up to a US size 11 (8mm).  

The metal wire is embedded into the glass and the small ring on the attachment is soldered closed.  Attention has been given to these details to eliminate snagging. 

They are made to order so please allow 7-10 days before shipping.  

International shipping is available.