What is Your Creative Super Power?

What is Your Creative Super Power?

It is always interesting to look back and see how your experiences and interests show up later on in life. 

My mother was an amazing seamstress.  She could sew just about anything, she even made a miniature version of my wedding dress that fit a Barbie doll!  I was not very interested in sewing when I was young but I was always fascinated by the fabric.  In the 1990's when scrapbooking became a thing, I wanted to make the paper that was used more than doing the actual scrapbooking but had no idea how or who did that sort of thing until last year! 

In 2020 I took an online class to learn how to make repeating patterns, especially for fabric.  Since then I have made lots of artwork and lots of patterns.   

After learning this new skill, I continued my education and took aother class.  It opened up so many ideas and options that I had never considered, including putting patterns and artwork on just about anything and expand what I am already doing. This class changed so much for me that I asked to become an affiliate and share it with everyone!  I am going to continue making glass stitch markers and progress keepers but now I can also offer many other things, such as project bags, water bottles, coffee mugs and more!!  Soon there will even be fabric with my designs on them available to purchase by the yard through Spoonflower with the goal of getting a license with a fabric company. 

I truly believe everyone is creative in some way or another. I know there are many people that are what I call Closet Artists.  They make beautiful artwork in their spare time but no one ever sees it. 

See what your Creative Super Power is by taking a quiz HERE.

If you are interested in learning what you can do with your artwork, I invite you to take Stacie's Free Mini Course and see what it is all about.  You can sign up HERE.

I hope you check these out and if you do, I would love to hear what you think!    


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