My 100 Day Art Project

My 100 Day Art Project

I am a “seasoned” maker.  In my young days my activities included crafting with my mom, doing girl scout badge projects, embroidering my jeans, crosstitch, just to name a few.  In my early working days, I was an orthodontic lab technician bending wire and working with plaster and wax.  Once I moved into more administrative duties, I needed a creative outlet so I began knitting, paper making, book binding, scrapbooking, card making and working with polymer clay.  I went back to my lab tech skills and began making wire jewelry which lead me into lamp work glass.  Lampwork glass is where I have focused for the past 10 years but starting to crave something else.  During the pandemic, I was wondering around the internet and saw a class on how to be a Surface Pattern Designer. This really intrigued me because I was always drawn to the patterns on fabric and those scrapbooking papers.  This class opened up a world that I had not known existed and pushed me to learn new skills, like Illustrator.  Before, I had always made things with my hands and some sort of material, never really using pencils or paint because I felt that only "artists" did those things, and I was not an artist. (we will talk about that some other time!)

Over the past 2 years, I have been playing with digital drawings and having lots of fun.  I felt like I was starting to figure out my style but not quite yet.  A very good friend who was an amazing watercolor artist & teacher encouraged me to paint.  She showed me some techniques and was very supportive of my attempts. Sadly she passed suddenly but I still hear her words in my head - "just try and see what happens, it is never wrong".  So taking a cue from another artist friend of mine, I decided to start a personal 100 day art project.  Every day I am making marks on a page of my sketchbook, whatever I feel like doing.  I am on Day 35 and am already realizing so many things.

First of all - I love pen & ink and watercolor.  I enjoy how you can get a more realistic & dimensional look with various sizes of black pens on white paper.  In contrast, I adore the play of colors that watercolors create when they are allowed to mix and mingle in a freeform way.  It is very abstract and speaks to another part of me.  I have also realized things I am not interested in creating.  Much of my glass work is cute and cartoonish.  I find that I don’t like that style in my 2D art.  Very interesting. So we shall see what other insights I gain as this sketchbook journey continues!  Stay tuned!  

If you are interested in seeing my entire sketchbook as I create it, you can find it on IG at AnnTudorDesign in the highlight section.

single pen & ink flowerWhimsical Pen & Ink Flowerspotted Plant pen & ink
Floral spray pen & Inkbright watercolorblue green abstract watercolorpinks & green watercolor abstract floral
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